Notes is a private social collaboration tool, that allows users to discuss anything securely at work. Post status updates on residents. Share work ideas to fellow caregivers and administrators. Discuss important upcoming events. Upload photos or documents.
Administrators can communicate to the entire company, an individual facility, or an individual staff member. Administrators can even share notes with family members. Records who writes the note and who reads or doesn't read the note. Includes a language translator to help non-native English speakers write notes. Notes are categorized and "keyword" searchable.



Alert staff when a resident's bowel movements are not
Alert staff when a PRN medication requires follow up.
Let Administrator know when a caregiver's CPR or First
Aid is about to expire.
Let Administrator know when a resident's Physician's
Report is about to expire.





Track all special activities and events in one place.
See events by facility or total company.
Simple for staff to add important events like doctor
appointments, birthdays, and other essential dates.

Address Book

Access Resident, Providers, and Staff contact
information all in one place.


Provider Report

Have Providers visiting the facility log in and create a
report of their visit. The data is then seamlessly
integrated into that resident's file and pertinent data is
displayed in the notes for the caregivers to review and
educate themselves on any special instructions.




Visitor Log

Keep tabs on every visitor that enters your facility, whom
they are visiting, and the purpose of their visit.





Manage PRNs per resident Create Alerts to follow up on results of the medication
Searchable by resident, medication, and/or timeline.


Track, document, and alert specific information
Track Bowel Movements based on the Bristol Chart
Track Hygiene to monitor showers and dental care
Track House Cleaning to stay on staff responsibilities
Custom tracker to manage other important item like;
blood pressure, weight, water temperature, Body
Temperature, etc.


Licensing Forms

Computer generated licensing forms for the State of CA
Electronically send forms to resident's POA and staff to
fill out information
Save the finalized form in the system for easy access
Electronic signature to create a paperless process
Restricted electronic access of documents by
Administrator, Staff, and Power of Attorney, eliminating
the need to create multiple copies
Electronically share Lic 602 Physician's Report with
Physician, allowing them to just make changes to
previous version and save update.