COVID-19 Screening





With Caring Data’s visitor screening you have peace of mind that every staff and visitor at your facility is properly screened. Keep your residents safe by implementing Caring Data’s COVID-19 QR Code screening feature.  It’s easy to setup and just as easy to use by staff and visitors daily.




Check-in & Assessment
  • Visitors/Staff check-in using a QR Code strategically placed at the facility
  • Visitors/Staff then perform a self health assessment based on CDC guidelines
  • Staff then takes the Visitor/Staff’s temperature to record for final approval
  • Approved results will grant entrance


The QR CODE comes with the standard CDC questions
Administrator can change or add additional questions


Profiles and results are stored in the system for future proof of policies and procedures.
Administrators can run reports by visitor, resident, time frame, or location

Secured Data

We take data security seriously.  All results are stored on a HIPAA compliant cloud based server.